The Course

Ready to unleash your inner songbird and give your vocal chords the workout they deserve? We've stitched together an incredible patchwork of five comprehensive courses, tailored for everyone from shower crooners to karaoke kings and queens. Dive into the art of melody, the technique of harmony, and the finesse of pitch control. You'll understand the anatomy of your voice and learn how to care for it, all while building a solid musical foundation. From breathing exercises that could calm a hurricane, to belting notes that reach for the stars, this series is your personal vocal coach, cheering you on every step of the way.

Imagine hitting those high notes with effortless confidence at your next family gathering or being the voice that commands attention in any room. That's right, the real-world magic kicks in when your newfound vocal prowess and stage presence translate into all spheres of your life. You'll gain not just musical ability, but also the confidence and communication skills that make you stand out. Whether you're aiming to wow your friends, start a YouTube channel, or ace that job interview, it all starts here with just 10 minutes of daily vocal exercises. So, let's get those vocal cords dancing to the rhythm of success!

What you will learn

When creating this comprehensive package, I wanted to give beginners like you a powerful toolkit to jumpstart your vocal journey. I meticulously put together a collection of engaging lessons covering everything from the basics of vocal technique to advanced performance skills, ensuring a structured learning path that's easy to follow. This means you can confidently build your skills at your own pace, with the added bonus of a 10-minute daily vocal exercise designed to strengthen your voice and cement the techniques you're learning. My focus has been on making this learning experience as supportive and enriching as possible, so you'll feel like I'm right there with you every step of the way, guiding and encouraging your progress.

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Your instructor

Cheryl Porter is more than a vocal coach; she is a beacon of inspiration to students across the globe. With her classical training and innovative coaching techniques, Cheryl has garnered over 125 million YouTube views, spotlighting her as the premier vocal coach and education influencer in the industry. As the architect of the Cheryl Porter Vocal Method, she has designed over 300 vocal exercises that nurture talent from the ground up—empowering both novices and professionals to unlock new dimensions in their vocal range and performance skills. Her masterclasses have transformed voices across continents, embodying the belief that with the right guidance, anyone can achieve vocal excellence.

The essence of Cheryl's teaching lies in her deep passion for connecting with singers from all walks of life. She imbues her craft with warmth and genuine care, evidenced by her extensive experience coaching performers on prestigious platforms such as The Voice, X-Factor, and America's Got Talent. Representing this connectivity is her historic contribution as the voice of "The Circle of Life" in the Italian version of Disney's The Lion King (2019), making her the first American to lend her vocals to a Disney soundtrack in Italian. Through each melody and every student success story, Cheryl's dedication to vocal artistry continues to reverberate on stages and in hearts worldwide.


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